Ladies Division

1998Deanna Samaniego
1999Lora Roberto
2000Lora Roberto
2001Lora Roberto
2002Remijin Camping
2003Remijin Camping
2004Katrina Gonzalez
2005Cyna Rodriguez
2006Maan Legaspi
2007Beth Menchavez
2008Grace Atienza
2009Do Ho Jeong
2010Jun Youn Jung
2011Kim Hae Na
2012Gilda Medestomas
2013Kim Bye Jeong
2014Gilda Medestomas


Riviera Golf Club – Asia’s Best Golf Club

Riviera Golf Club INC. Is an exciting concept unparalleled in the Philippines for its vision to be among Asia’s most outstanding golf courses.
This golf club is destined to be a golf Mecca and at the same time providing the ultimate in comfort and elegance.